Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I am having a what-so-called-serious issue on July 2012, where I have a lot of things to be prepared, this and that to be done, to be easily achieved, and to be sincerely released. Some part of this month were went thru at its best, and the rest was, what I can say, not really good. At some point I do have a doubt on myself, can I do this or can not. Should I do this or should not. Until I finally reach my mother’s hand and I wish I could speak more than just a couple of words, but this is the clearest sentence I can say:

“Ibu, do’ain Laras ya Bu”,

and she was surprisingly understand of it. She pull my head slowly to her shoulder and then caressed me warmly. I feel relieve.

Day by day, this month is on going like a bungee jump. It’s cool but seriously thrilling. It’s fun, but to enjoy it then I can not skip the part that I have to be fallen down first.

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