Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What 2015 brought me: Job

** early warning: I probably write this post in duo-lingo (mixing Bahasa Indonesia and English), so please hold yourself back from giving negative comments :P

First, 2016 is just around the corner. It's important to realizing such things like that: you will see how you've become, how far you've walked, how many times you've went through ups and downs. How many times precisely you let yourself down, and how many times (still, precisely) you dare yourself to get up. To summarize 2015, I am personally not very happy with my achievement in this year but I am blessed that I still have my family and boyfie - soon to be fiance. But frankly, I thought 2015 was a struggle.

I struggle on finding JOB
I started 2015 with a family holiday to Gili Trawangan - Lombok and everything was perfect. I finished my part time job as a research translator in December 2014 and I decided to enjoy my lay-lo time. I expected a job offer at one of the famous NGO in conservation because I successfully selected until interview. "OK, one more baby step until I got accepted" ...... but life doesn't work that way. I heard someone has successfully pass the interview test and he's surely the lucky one, and I was the fail one.

My heart felt like falling from the highest skyscraper, simply because expectation is the root of all heartache. I felt disappointed but I started to apply for another position in different company. It was January 2015. And then February 2015 came. And then March 2015. Still no response from any company, at all. There was not much bad feelings in my head, until I met my boyfie's aunt.

Her: What do you do at the moment?
Me: Nothing. Waiting for a job call. Send some CVs.
Her: And staying at home? Only that?

Nyeh. My life was torn apart. It was not her fault to be curious about my life, but it was not my fault as well that I didn't get selected in any of companies I applied. I did revise my CV. I corrected all typo and grammar error. I did everything. So I cried at night and I pray. And Allah is just too kind. 3 days after that, I got an e-mail offering me a job in Jakarta as a Project Coordinator. I WAS SUPER HAPPY. **moral of the story: believe in the power of prayers** but the program manager said "this is only 5 months of work", but I still take it.

And the job story began....

(to be cont'd)

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